Keeping Sydney commercial offices clean for over 10 years

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Commercial Cleaning Sydney

Commercial Cleaning Sydney

We make your office look great which creates an environment your staff are happy to work in. We believe a neat and tidy office creates better productivity.

We don’t just clean your office we go the extra mile. We understand how important your staff’s working environment is, and how their space is important to them. We like to think we are invisible – we clean everything but leave everything just the way we found it.

Our commercial cleaning company has been cleaning offices and businesses in Sydney for over 10 years. We provide professional cleaning services to very large companies and very small ones . Our commercial office cleaners will always ensure you have a clean and inviting environment to work

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Commercial cleaning
services in Sydney

We specialise in commercial cleaning in Sydney and our clients come in all shapes and size. From large industrial estates to small 4 person offices.

What you can expect from our cleaners

We look at every aspect of the job when we clean. Obviously an end of build or industrial cleaning job has different outcomes and needs. In a commercial office clean you can expect us to address all these areas of your business.

  • Clean all your light switches and other panels
  • Wipe clean all kitchen cupboards, bench, polish sink, and clean the outside of your fridge
  • Clean the microwave inside and out
  • Dust wipe all horizontal ledges window sills
  • Wipe all phones, monitors, handsets, keyboards when needed
  • Clean all desks and behind monitors
  • Empty rubbish and recycling bins
  • Pull out desk draws, dust and Vacuum as needed
  • Spot Cleaning of glass for fingerprints
  • Clean chairs
  • Mop Floors
  • Sweep outside if applicable
  • Spot clean doors and walls as needed
  • Clean and Sanitise toilets
  • Vacuum all floors

This list is dependent on your needs but rest assured this is an overview we always try and go the extra mile and we are always happy to discuss further services or any concerns you may have. Our commercial cleaners in Sydney are very experienced and always go the extra mile.

What clients say about our commercial cleaning services

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